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Mother of Poke-Dragons by GreenDayAngel
Mother of Poke-Dragons
I was devastated at the end of the last season of Game of Thrones, because of my new man-crush Prince Oberyn. Hehe, man "crush" xD Anyways, this was an idea that just popped into my head, and I'm sure it's been done MILLIONS of times, but I wanted to do it. So here, we have Goomy chilling in Daenerys' lap like the boss he is, Dragonair being protective of her, and last, Mega Charizard X. I chose him over Mega Charizard Y because X the flames coming out of him are just perfect, and he's baddass.

I don't own Pokemon, or any of these dudes, no matter how happy Goomy looks to be in Daenerys' boobs, Game Freak and Nintendo own them. And I of course don't own anything that has to do with Game of Thrones, George RR Martin does, that brilliant, evil man that he is.
The Next Avatar Version 2 by GreenDayAngel
The Next Avatar Version 2
Here we have the second version of the next Avatar. My ideas and whatnot, as well as background ideas are on the first version. I like this version A LOT better, because she seems more put together. This character has instead of the cut off leather jacket, has a vest instead, to give her arms more freedom while she bends. Here she also has a tattoo of all 4 base elements, with Earth being on top since she's an Earth bender first, then each element that comes after in the natural Avatar cycle, with water being last since the last Avatar was a Water bender.

I do not own Avatar, or anything about it, Nick does. I just own the character.
The Next Avatar Version 1 by GreenDayAngel
The Next Avatar Version 1
This is the first of two drawings I did after finishing the 3rd season of Korra. Even though there's still one season left, I wanted to work on something for the future. The idea behind the outfit is that given when Korra takes place, loosely based around the industrial age/1920's, I'd like to think the next Avatar (if there is going to be one) would pop up around the late "1980's-early 1990's" kind of time frame. So she's dressed and styled after the punk/rock kind of look. She's an Earth bender, since that's the next one in the phase. She has the Earth symbol as a necklace. I didn't really like how she came out, which is why this is version 1. I drew a version 2 and it is posted up as well.

Don't mind the brown color on the page, that was an addition made by my 2 year old daughter lol.

I don't own Avatar, Korra, or anything of that universe, Nick does and whatnot. I just own the costume idea/looks haha.
Coloring With My Daughter by GreenDayAngel
Coloring With My Daughter
This is what happens when I color with my daughter. Can YOU see why Anna doesn't always get along with her sister Elsa? Hahaha. And I know Anna's dress isn't that color in the movie, I just wanted to make her look like Rainbow Sherbet xD 

I don't own Frozen, Elsa, or Anna, Disney does.
Baby Wolf by GreenDayAngel
Baby Wolf
Sadly, my daughter started rubbing off my attempt to draw a baby wolf on her arm with finger paint while we were at a SCA medieval event with our clan. But still photo worthy, because I drew it on with a stick hahaha


GreenDayAngel's Profile Picture
RaeLynn Mayhall
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Mom by day, wanna-be sexy/rich/superhero/philanthropist by night.

I wish I had more time to do artwork and whatnot, but alas, the real world cursed me with having to be a grown-up and work a full time job.

Munchlax is my spirit animal.

I'm FINALLY a Nationally Certified Medical Assistant, which mean when I sign important documents, I can add NCMA to the end of my name. Why I would do this, I don't know, but I want to do it one day wearing a top hat and monocle.

If I was a MLP: FiM pony, I'd be a hybrid of Rarity and Twilight Sparkle: Rarity Sparkle. I'd read all day long and nerd out to books, but I'd do it looking FABULOUS.

You may have seen some of this artwork elsewhere, I usually post my more recent work on my Instagram, which you are more than welcome to follow. My name on there is raelynnhikari. I promise that's me, just look at the pictures :3

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